Other resources

 You can find some sources here that you will use frequently in bioinformatics:

- Publication:

 You can search by author, publication title and year by Pubmed or Google scholar.

- Researcher:

You can reach the publication list and citation list of an author you are interested in via ISI – Web of Science. Web of Science requires membership. You can use the university login while you are in Kadir Has University.

- Gene:

NBCI Entrez based Unigene, o holds the data of ortholog genes under unique title.
For Human genes Gene Cards.
KEGG, NCBI and Refseq based gene, homology and genome database.
Ensemble, allows searching for gene and gene expression choosing species.

- Protein:

Protein database is NBCI Entrez based.
ExPaSy based Uniprot offers one of the most inclusive portals.

- Protein structure:

 Many protein structures obtained by X-ray computatioanal biology are kept in Protein Data Base  (PDB).

- Bionformatic tools:

EMBO based Ebi, offers many bioinformatics tools.
NCBI, offers many tools for nucleic acid research including BLAST.

- Model organisms:

The data obtained from Model organisms are kept in their own databases.
Fruit fly (D. melanogasterFlybase,
Soil worm (C. elegansWormbase,
Bread yeast (S. cerevisiaYeastbase,
Mouse (M. MusculusMGI,
Rat (R. rattus) RGD,

- Nobel laurates:

We suggest you to follow Chemistry Nobel prizes and Medicine Nobel prizes.